Land Speculation as an Obstacle to Ideal Allocation of Land

Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Berkekely, 1956

Table of Contents and Introduction, pp i-xi; 1-43

Part I: "The Problem of Mal-allocated Land,
Chp. 1: Unused Land, pp. 44-117
Chp. 2: Tenanted Land, pp. 188-170
Chp. 3: Large Holdings and Small, pp. 171-303

Part II: Analysis of the Problem
Chp. 4: Land Speculation as an Obstacle to Ideal Land Allocation, pp. 304-357
Chp. 5: Objections to the Hypothesis, pp. 358-399
Chp. 6: Conclusion--Summary Formulation of the Hypothesis in Theoretical Form, pp. 437-460;
Notes pp. 461-488, Bibliography pp. 489-514

Note: the dissertation is posted in seven pdf chunks of unequal size, corresponding to introduction and six chapters. Each of the chunks has been bookmarked according to the original table of contents.


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